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Hair loss is a problem that affects a lot of people, regardless of age. There may be many factors, such as increased stress levels, vitamin deficiencies, addictions or a poor diet, to name just a few, that can cause the weakening of hair follicles. However, there are ways to fight baldness. The ranking below is a collection of the best products on the market, which not only have a natural and carefully elaborated formula, but are designed to stimulate hair bulbs to growth, strengthen the hair structure and eliminate the causes of hair loss. The treatment is completely safe, so everyone can use these products and prevent baldness without any problems.


Profolan is currently number one among products preventing hair loss and strengthening hair. Its effectiveness is due to the formula called Grow 3, developed by specialists. It is thanks to the combination of extracts from such plants as field horsetail and nettle and the addition of l-cysteine, spectacular results can be achieved already after 3 months of use. The action of the product is clinically confirmed, so the treatment is completely safe. Profolan is a product recommended not only for people who have started losing hair long time ago, but also for those in whom the problem has just appeared. Thanks to the complex formula, active substances work from the inside, eliminating the source of the problem, as well as strengthening hair bulbs and stimulating them to growth. If you want to get rid of the problem, an effective and completely safe solution is available for purchase right away!

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Revita is a shampoo that also has the previously mentioned Grow 3 formula, which is designed to prevent baldness. The DHT inhibitors contained in the shampoo allow you to inhibit hair loss, as well as take care of proper nourishment and improvement of hair condition and stimulation of hair follicles for growth. This product is designed for topical application, so it can deal with the problem in specific parts of the head, penetrating directly into the skin. The product has been created with natural ingredients and is also completely safe, not causing any skin irritation. Once the treatment is over, you don't have to worry about the recurrence of baldness, and the effects are permanent. Revita is the perfect shampoo to get thicker and stronger hair.

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The product called Spectral.RS is a proven product to combat telogenetic alopecia. You can buy it in the form of convenient to use spray, which is easily distributed on the scalp. There are quite a few active substances in the composition, including retinol, copper peptides, aminexil, as well as herbal extracts. Thanks to the use of nanosomic technology, vitamins and minerals contained in the bottle are transferred to the deepest layers of the skin, while their effect is supposed to last up to 15 hours. Daily use is guaranteed to deeply nourish growing hair and stop hair loss. Thanks to this handy sray, you can have thicker and stronger hair.

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When my hair started to fall out and I developed severely visible dark circles, I was devastated. My hair was thinning more and more and I didn't see a concrete solution to the situation. I wore my hair short and tried to hide the patches. Finally, my hairdresser recommended that I buy Profolan. Within a few months my hair not only started to grow back, but it also became much stronger.


I'm still young, so I was surprised when I noticed thinning on my head. It's a big problem in our family, and my father went bald pretty quickly. However, I didn't want the same thing to happen to me. I decided to act on it and went to a specialist. He recommended Profolan, which I have been using for a few months now and I am very happy with the results. My hair has not only stopped falling out, but there is more of it than ever and it is in much better condition.


I thought that the only thing I could count on after turning forty was a few cross hairs on top of my head, especially with a stressful job. However, a friend of mine recommended Profolan, which helped him to get his hair back. After two months my hair doesn't fall out in handfuls and I also see much less grey hair. I will continue the treatment.

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Hair loss. Causes, characteristics and prevention.
. Thick, strong and shiny hair is an undoubted adornment of every face. For the fair sex it is a strong attribute of femininity and for men it is a sign of vigor and youth. It is no wonder that everyone wants healthy and abundant hair. We all know that many people have to deal with sparse or falling hair. When can we say that hair falls out excessively? What are the causes and, finally, can we prevent this process? Let us learn some facts about problematic hair.

. 1. Structure and texture of hair.

. Knowing the elements of the hair and their various functions will help us further analyze the most common hair problem, hair loss. Hair consists of an inner part, which is the part under the surface of the skin, and an outer part - visible to the eye, which extends above the scalp. The hair root is the hair bulb. The hair root is the hair bulb and is surrounded by a dense network of nerves and blood vessels, which nourish the hair. Each hair in the scalp has an adipose muscle attached to it, which is responsible for putting up hair when it is cold. The sebaceous gland is also attached to the hair follicle, which determines the proper lubrication and moisturization of the scalp and the hair shaft itself. The hair contains pigment cells called melanocytes, which are responsible for the color of the hair.

. 2. The most common causes of hair loss..

. We cannot always find the cause that causes hair loss however a thorough history and diagnosis will often direct us to the factor responsible for baldness.

- Intense stress or chronic stress. When a person is stressed in the body produces cortisol. It performs a similar function to the male hormone testosterone, which over-stimulates the sebaceous glands of the hair to produce sebum. This causes scalp dysfunction and can severely limit hair growth.

- Poorly balanced diet and improper eating habits. The living part of the hair and scalp constantly need nourishment through the blood vessel system. What we eat builds our body, including hair. The basic building block is the protein keratin. Diet - starvation, low in protein, almost always leads to skin and hair problems. The diet should be rich in products with a high content of vitamin B group. These can be found in fish, eggs, meat and legumes. Also important are omega-3 acids, which can be found in vegetable oils, nuts and fish. Iron, zinc and selenium are also necessary for proper hair growth. An important element of a proper diet is also a large amount of water intake. The optimal amount of fluids is 2000 ml per day. This is necessary for the proper hydration of the hair and scalp.

. - Improper hair care and the use of too aggressive hairdressing treatments. Blow-drying, frequent use of straighteners, strong coloring with the use of bleaches and oxidants, using too aggressive shampoos and other cosmetics for washing and care of hair. All these factors weaken the hair structure and above all irritate the scalp.

. - Thyroid diseases. Thyroid hormones such as FT3 and FT4 affect hair growth and density. A disorder in their secretion manifests itself by a stop in hair growth and hair loss, among other things through excessive sebum secretion by the glands.

. - Diseases of the scalp. Weakening of the scalp can be a direct cause of hair loss. The most common include: atopic dermatitis, dandruff, ringworm, parasitic diseases like head lice or scabies, and excessive sebum production. Each of these ailments should absolutely be consulted with a specialist, because untreated can lead to permanent damage to the hair structure.

. - Smoking, alcohol and other drugs. All such substances cause worse absorption of nutrients. They contribute to poorer oxygenation of the scalp, cause dulling of hair and inhibit its growth.

- Age and genetic predisposition. Everyone knows that as we get older the number of hairs on our head decreases. In women in the peri-menopausal period hair loss becomes very visible. In most men, significant hair loss occurs after the age of 50. Genetic predisposition also determines the density of our hair.

. 3. When we talk about excessive hair loss..

. The life cycle of each hair is characterized by certain phases such as anagen (reproduction of hair cells and their growth), catagen (transitional phase), telogen (falling out phase). Each hair follicle can undergo the same cycle of growth and loss of hair up to 30 times. As a norm it is assumed that the number of hair falling out is about 70-150 pieces. These can be counted on a brush with daily brushing. If a person has thick hair, which is characterized by rapid growth, the norm of their hair loss per day may be higher than 150. This is a very individual issue and does not always facilitate proper diagnosis of excessive hair loss.

. 4. How to prevent hair loss.

. There is no single and universal solution to this problem. The easiest way is to find out the cause of it and act directly on it. However, in any case it will be beneficial to go to a specialist. Help can give us an experienced hairdresser, trichologist, dermatologist or family doctor. A specialist may recommend suitable examinations or a course of treatment. Among the most common ways to deal with hair loss are:

- Hair loss pills. The best and most effective way to fight hair loss. Skin and hair are a reflection of what is going on inside our body. The diet of most people is poorly balanced. There is not enough vegetables and fruits in it. Even if we eat enough of them, they are of poor quality or their thermal processing does not provide us with a large amount of nutrients. We are what we eat and our hair shows it perfectly. If we cannot provide all the necessary ingredients with a balanced diet, pills are the perfect solution. Hair growth supplements taken regularly usually bring spectacular results after only one month. The naked eye will see a large amount of new hair, so-called baby hair. In addition, the hair that we already have will start to grow faster and will bounce back at the roots, which will result in more volume.
Hair loss pills often contain the following substances in various amounts and combinations: biotin, niacin, folic acid, vitamin A and E, silicon, selenium, zinc, copper, thiamine, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, calcium, manganese, iron and collagen. To choose the right hair care product, use the opinions of experts. A ranking of hair loss pills available on the Internet will also be helpful. Such an overview of available products will allow us to choose the perfect one for ourselves. Descriptions of individual products include their exact composition, origin, mode of action, dosage, price, availability and most importantly opinions of other customers.

- Scalp scrubs. It is best to apply an enzymatic scrub to the scalp. It will dissolve dead skin, as well as other impurities that have accumulated around the hair during the day. Fine or coarse scrubs may not work as well because they often irritate the scalp and in this case do more harm than good. Good quality enzyme scrubs also contain various nutrients that will stimulate hair growth.

. - Cosmetics with liquid keratin. Keratin is the main building block of hair. Shampoos and lotions with this substance will strengthen the very structure of your hair so it won't be as brittle. This translates positively to the overall appearance of the hair as it visually appears thicker and denser.

- Using the right shampoos and conditioners. Fine, oily, brittle, curly or coloured hair. Low-poor, medium-poor and high-poor hair. Each hair type requires individual care, which directly affects the effect of hair care. Shampoo should not contain substances such as SLS and SLES, as well as PEG and PPG. A shampoo that helps with hair loss should contain extracts from field horsetail, biotin, nettle, black turnip, fenugreek, panthenol, as well as vitamins A and E.

. - Oiling your hair. Applying oils before washing them has been proven to be effective in preventing hair loss. Argan oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil or macadamia oil are all helpful. The oil should be chosen according to your hair type. They have huge amounts of fatty acids and vitamins in their composition so that the hair is better nourished and moisturized.

. - Scalp massage. Regular scalp massage stimulates hair growth. The reason for this is faster blood and lymph circulation in the vessels surrounding the hair follicles. The scalp can be massaged with your fingertips, brushes, combs and special massaging devices. We must pay attention to do it very gently so as not to irritate the scalp.

. - Regular physical activity. Movement is not only good for health but also for beauty. Everyone knows that during physical activity our blood circulates faster and more efficiently providing our cells with oxygen and nutrients. When we move, our body is better oxygenated, which has a beneficial effect on the scalp and thus new hair growth. Sport effectively reduces stress levels and improves general well-being.

Hair loss is a serious health and aesthetic problem. It affects a large group of people and always requires intervention. The best way to prevent baldness will be the causal treatment. It is worth to visit a specialist with this problem and take appropriate steps to improve the condition of hair. The most helpful and universal solution seems to be taking tablets for hair loss. The effect of this action is quickly visible and long lasting.


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